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[VEC-132]人妻教師痴漢電車 笹山希(1GBmp4)

This post is about molesters and stalkers, and while the movies exaggerate somewhat (it is a sex film, after all), this is a very serious problem in Japan, where mass transit is the norm when it comes to getting around. It most often occurs in buses and trains, and in fact, there are train lines that have “Women Only” cars because it’s such a problem. It also occurs, though less frequently, in other public places like movie theaters and libraries. These guys are known as “Chikan” and I’ve seen them in action on trains, brazenly feeling women up, and the women are too embarrassed to say anything and suffer in silence until the next stop. It’s usually just groping and fingering, the movies take it much further. Maybe the women also get off on it, too, as there are many sexually repressed women in Japan. It also happens in reverse, where women seek to be molested or they rub their breasts against men in crowded buses or trains, or less frequently, they even grope men.

NOTES: Sasayama Nozomi is a teacher who gets molested on a train by a couple of her students, who then force her into sex after class is out. She is outraged but turned on and gets gangbanged on the train by several of her students and becomes their sex toy.


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