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[RBD-495] 美人女将 凌辱女体接待4 絶望のアナル 愛咲れいら (1.11gb/mp4)

Retired Actress Series

Starring: Hara Chihiro

NOTES: Chihiro’s last solo film was in October 2014 and appeared in several omnibus type films thereafter. She was quite adept at playing a submissive rape victim and she sure could fuck, and was one of my favorites. She made her debut in 2004 as Aisaki Reira so her long career, which she appeared in over 180 films as a solo performer, with another actress or in omnibus films attests to her popularity. In this one she plays a hostess and landlady of an inn who, because of debt, is forced to sell her body to pay it off.


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