HTMS-047 FA-PRO: Maki Azusa, Mizumi Saki

FA-PRO movies are my favorite. Multiple stories, many genres, stories from the Showa period of Japanese history, the Hirohito years, 1926-1989, country life as well as city life during those times. Mostly otherwise unknown actresses, all with natural tits, and the action is great; good camera angles and cinematography.

Part 1, Maki Azusa plays the daughter in law who, because of her husband’s illness, cannot produce an heir to take over the father’s company, so she agrees to be his concubine and begins an affair, in full knowledge of her husband. She ends up pregnant and tells her husband she intends to keep seeing his father.

Part 2, Mizumi Saki’s husband is in prison and her father in law rapes her but she likes it and continues the affair until hubby is released.


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