[HD & SD] S-Cute 478 Minori Kotani #1 S心をくすぐるエッチなおねだり

Minori Kotani (小谷みのり) – Naughty Demand to Tickle S Feeling (S-Cute 478_1)

There is some disagreement about her family name. DIC-029 was posted at Akiba as "Otari" and JavLibrary has it as Otani. However her twitter account and Google Translate (and AsianScreens – usually quite reliable) have it as Kotani. I couldn't find her name spelled out on any of her current films.

Release date: 2016/10/07 | 34 minutes |
Minori who begins to greet himself "I want to get up early" just by kissing. It makes me jerky in that word that can not be imagined from the way it looks and talks. I can not help getting intoxicated by the unique atmosphere of Minori who seems to awaken even the heart of male M usually.

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