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[ADN-029] あなた、許して…。 愛の再燃 前田かおり (932mb/mp4)

Retired Actress Series

Starring: Maeda Kaori

NOTES: Kaori debuted in 2011 at the ripe old age of 21, and retired in 2015 after making approximately 60 films, including a couple of nasty uncensored ones, one which I posted in the Uncensored Forum. Like a lot of actresses of her era, she was a good actress combined with great sexual technique, particularly good at vulnerable roles. In this one, she is a young wife who encounters an old boyfriend, who rapes her, then keeps coming back until she can no longer resist and it ends up an affair.

***There is a small faint watermark, from the copyright holder, in the upper right hand corner and does not interfere with the action and is hardly noticeable.


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